MetaWareJ™ FAQ


1.1. What is MetaWareJ™

MetaWareJ™ is a powerful application framework that makes it easy for you to quickly and efficiently build powerful applications such as:

  • Accounting systems
  • Inventory control systems
  • Data reporting tools
  • Application bridges
  • Complex business systems


1.2. I'm a company's manager. What does MetaWareJ™ mean to me?

It can save your programmers a lot of time. They only need to focus on the business side of the application, everything else is handled by MetaWareJ™. It is a tool which allows your programmers to be more productive, your users to be more efficient and at the same time your maintenance cost is kept to a minimum.


1.3. I'm a programmer. What does MetaWareJ™ mean to me?

MetaWareJ™ is a framework and a tool for creating web-based business applications efficiently and effectively.

  • You define the retrieval of rows, the updating of tables, the validations and the screen content in a very simple MetaWareJ™ XML language.
  • You can easily implement your business rules.
  • Screens are simple and homogeneous, and you do not spend any time to maintain them.

Your application is ready and is running bug-free.

The application is at the same time a web application (HTML/JavaScript), a Windows GUI (Swing), and an Android native application. The same screen definition can be an interactive form, a PDF report, CSV export or a chart.

View some real life Screen Shots here.


1.4. Why another Java framework?

Most frameworks are designed for User Interface flexibility. They allow the programmer to build a variety of user interface layouts and user interactions. MetaWareJ™ was built for people who do not want to spend time in order to create the User Interface. It is built for people who want to create a consistent and efficient layout and at the same time save time and focus on the business site of the application.


1.5. Can I create a user interface with little ducks walking across the screen?

Please use another tool for this kind of interface.


1.6. What's the licence?

MetaWareJ™is an open source product licensed under the Affero General Public License (AGPL).


1.7. MetaWareJ™ seems the right solution for me. How do I get started?

A good start would be if you read Getting Started section from MetaWareJ™ Documentation from Downloads .

You can also download our  demo and you'll quickly discover how simple it is to use MetaWareJ™ for building your projects. Download the latest version of MetaWareJ™, and you'll be up and running in no time.


1.8. I want your help in order to use MetaWareJ™  for building my project. What do I do?

Contact us or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We would love to hear from you and everything you want to discuss about your project. We will support you and work with you to develop the application that fits your business needs. 

1.9. How much does it cost?

MetaWareJ™ is an open source application, licensed under GNU Affero General Public License and it is available free of charge.


1.10. Can I contribute?

Yes you can! Contact us and we will surely accommodate your desire to give. You don't necessarily have to write code, you could fix/report a bug, write some documentation, give feedback. 


1.11. Where can I get more information from?

You can aquire a lot of information by browsing this website and by downloading the documentation, and by installing the software and demo. You can always contact us and we will be in your disposal for any clarifications you may need.


1.12. Why did you use/not-use this feature?

We have an answer for all your questions. Contact us and we will be happy to explain the rational behind everything we did.


1.13. What is missing? What are you working on right now?

We are always working to improve the end user experience focusing on the efficiency of the interface. An HTML5 interface is planned when browser support gets better.

Android native client is currently in beta. We are working to improve it but more testing is needed.

MetaWareJ™ is using JDBC connection for back-end storage. Other back endstores can be used but have to be written by the programmer. An integrated web-services back-end is our next target.


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